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Dscifer specializes in comprehensive Cyber Security, Digital Forensic & E-Discovery, Risk Management, Healthcare, Aerospace and Defense Systems solutions. Our diverse and talented employees are committed to help businesses, governments and educational institutions plan, build and run successful management programs through the right combination of products, services and solutions.

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  • Organizations need security strategies and programs that are closely aligned with business goals. Dscifer helps you stay ahead of current threats and risks and make the right technology investments to support.

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Risk &

  • Your organization is highly complex. So are the risks you face. For your organization to be resilient and business optimized, you need to understand and account for all types of risk, from the mundane to the catastrophic.

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  • Organizations find themselves at risk as cyber attacks and intrusions rise. Attacks are becoming more sophisticated and damaging. Our incident response can help secure your systems and resolve computer security incidents

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Threat &

  • By taking a disciplined, programmatic approach to uncovering and remediating threats and vulnerabilities, you can understand and address the root cause of your weaknesses. Dscifer can help you achieve your goal.

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  • We specialize in Enterprise Forensics activities to detect financial fraud, criminal events and data theft. We handle large scale digital evidence by triaging, tagging, chain of custody and after-collection integrity.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is already changing the way consumers are able to control their surroundings. Our IoT ecosystem enables smart manufacturing with applications such as machine-to-machine communication, Cities and home automation.

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Our mission is to save and sustain lives inspires our work and our commitment to deliver products and services that are essential building blocks of healthcare. We are dedicated to bring innovative technologies and offer robust biotechnology solutions.

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Dscifer offers hardware solutions and supply chain services, to aerospace and technology companies. We strive to serve both commercial and military applications. Our customer among the aircraft industry in Asia are commercial airlines, military & defense.

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Defense & Security

Dscifer is a leading company providing defense & security solutions and advance technology systems. Our goals are aligned to provide state of the art innovative products ensuring high combat solutions, effective defense and security technology.

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We are building the standards for enterprises-ready blockchain solutions to streamline your journey from concept to production. Dscifer is a solutions design & development company specialized in blockchain technology.

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Risk Management Solutions Make Better Decisions

Enterprise Risk

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solutions enable organizations to better manage risk and take advantage of opportunities relating to business objectives and goals.

Project Risk

Project Risk Management solutions enable organizations to better prepare for unforeseen events and/or activities that can positively or negatively impact the result or outcome of a project.

Business Risk

Business Continuity Management solution, organizations can ensure operational resilience using predefined measures to anticipate and prepare for potential outages and disruptions.

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