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Risk Management Solutions

Our solutions for risk management and risk mitigation use technological, human and organizational resources following the international principles and standards (ISO 31000). Risk management includes identification, assessment, and application of measures to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of loss events.

The comprehensive suite of Governance, Risk and Compliance management solutions includes:

  • Enterprise Risk Management
    Identify, analyze, evaluate and treat risks throughout the enterprise
  • Operational Risk Management
    Assess risks, implement risk controls and facilitate better risk decisions
  • Project Risk Management
    Implement risk management tasks, responsibilities, activities and budgets for key projects
  • Information Security Risk Management
    Identify, analyze, examine and treat IT security risks enterprise-wide
  • Incident Management
    Systematically identify & examine incidents centrally
  • Financial Controls Management
    Streamline the process of complying with the financial reporting regulations
  • Compliance Management
    Effectively and efficiently ensure compliance with myriad regulations
  • Audit Management
    Streamline the internal audit process plan, execute, review
  • Business Continuity Management
    Implement best practices to ensure “business as usual” in turbulent times

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