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Security Intelligence

In today’s world, breaches will succeed and the adversary is highly skilled in avoiding detection. The question is not “if,” but “when” an incident will occur. As IT complexity increases, skilled security analysts become harder to attract, keep and train.

To address these advancing issues, we provide a wide range of security intelligence services and solutions to keep you protected, whether you’re concerned about meeting compliance requirements, internal and external threat management, or early breach detection.

  • Alignment of your technology strategy and requirements with your security, compliance and business goals
  • Full range of services to help you plan, build and run your security intelligence program
  • Increased efficiency and security from optimizing, configuring and tuning your technologies
  • Impartial comparison of technologies to help you determine the best fit
  • Maximum value from your technology investments from proven implementation and integration strategies

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With more than 30 consultants dedicated to security intelligence solutions, we have the skills and expertise to efficiently handle your needs.


With various industry and technology certifications held by staff, we stay current on the latest techniques, technologies and approaches.


With more than 70 completed projects in 2015, our team has the insight to effectively solve your security intelligence problems and provide unprecedented value.

Our Services

Our approach enables you to determine the most appropriate technology for your dynamic business and technical requirements.

  • Identification and Selection
  • Technology Assessment

We help you to evaluate your options, plan for a technology purchase, and determine your overall readiness for implementation.

  • Technology Summit
  • Technology Assessment

We design your product or architecture implementation for optimal configuration utilizing our technology and domain experts.

  • Proof of Concept
  • Design

We take into account your IT resources, corporate policies, processes and existing technologies to help you realize your organization’s objectives.

  • Quick Start
  • Implementation
  • Migration

We help ensure the effectiveness of your equipment by providing operational process, personnel, training and configuration recommendations.

  • Health Check
  • Optimization

Our team strives to create responsiveness and agility of integrated systems as well as improved functionality and stability of existing hardware and software.

  • Integration
  • Upgrade