We help you respond and recover with advice, guidance and hands-on expertise

Incident Response & Recovery

Incidents and compromises can create major issues for your staff who may not possess the unique skills to assess and regain control after an attack. We help you respond and recover with advice, guidance and hands-on expertise.

We help our clients discover and respond to cyber security incidents and events of all kinds. Our services include securing the scene, defining the scope of the compromise, collecting and analyzing data related to the event, and issuing a report documenting the findings.

If you suspect an incident has occurred, we can help you:

  • Uncover the attackers’ actions
  • Identify steps to remove active binaries and malware
  • Secure your business
  • Detail the scope of the compromise
  • Limit data loss

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Our malware and incident response experts can quickly make sense of the challenges you face and recommend specific actions to help you recover.


Remove viruses and malware that threaten your business.


Our disciplined approach helps you spot problems and identify opportunities to optimize your business processes and security approach.

Our Services

Suspect a problem? We can assess your systems, stop persistent attacks and limit losses from malware or a breach.

  • Incident Discovery

Through a combination of proactive steps and access guarantees, we help clients weather the storm of a breach.

  • Incident Rapid Response (IRR) Program

We provide custom services to existing and new clients seeking to address incidents and system vulnerabilities.

  • Incident Response Advising
  • Incident Response Consulting