Ensuring high combat solutions, effective defense and security technology

Defense and Security

Dscifer is a leading company providing defense & security solutions and advance technology systems. Our goals are aligned to provide state of the art innovative products ensuring high combat solutions, effective defense and security technology. We not only supply, but also develop custom made defense systems on demand.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Our products are based on state-of-the-art digital technologies, nonstandard engineering solutions, and a certain selection of components. Dscifer is able to provide portable counter surveillance equipment that has been specifically developed to counter a particular type of threat, giving the highest levels of detection and protection from any unauthorized surveillance. Distinctive features of the products are: small size, simplicity in application, superior performance and utility.

Dscifer offers a wide range of professional products:

  • Non-linear junction detectors, Wireline analizers, RF bug and wiretap detectors, multifunctional sweeping devices, hidden camera detectors etc
  • Cellular jammers, noise generators, voice recorders suppressors
  • Counter terrorism and physical inspection facilities
  • Software & hardware systems for multi-channel audio & call logging and automatic voice notification

Our Defense Security Solutions division was established to meet the ever changing and increasing demands of Military, Police forces and other units internationally for high quality, accurate, safe and cost effective solutions. Dscifer strategic advantage is its ability to source and supply commercial-off-the-shelf intellectual property (IP) to Government customers, improve upon the technology and, if required, produce it in a manufacturing facility.

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