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Digital Strategy

With the increased complexity of today’s IT infrastructure, managing the security of multiple systems can be a daunting challenge. Organizations struggle to understand how to take advantage of new opportunities for enhanced productivity and cost savings, without creating security risk and opening new pathways to attack.

Dscifer’s security advisors and consultants are experts in understanding how to optimize the performance of your information security environment. We have one of the largest groups of dedicated security experts with the most experience in the industry. Whether you wish to take advantage of moving to the cloud, consolidate systems or leverage your existing technology in new ways, we can help you now and as you plan for the future.

  • Largest holistic pure-play security solutions provider
  • Enterprise security architects and engineers to help you leverage your current investments and plan for the future
  • Expertise in deployment and integration across every major security technology in the market today, and insight into emerging solutions

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Real ROI

Our security experts can assist you with getting an enhanced return from your current investments, delivering real value to your organization.


Through thousands of engagements, our security experts navigate IT challenges and help our clients achieve the right results with insight and strategic value for their business.


Our consultants and advisors can augment the skills on your current team, adding value and expertise when you need them, so you can optimize your security team’s performance.

Our Services

Dscifer has a seasoned group of former executives, CISOs, advisors and consultants to help you plan and implement your digital security strategy so you can operate with confidence and manage successful outcomes.

  • Security Strategy Planning and Assessments

Our enterprise planning group will assess the systems of your organization and chart a course to get the most return from technology you already own.

  • Enterprise Architecture Planning

Dscifer has a high caliber group of consultants, advisors and implementers to assist with all of your deployment and optimization needs.

  • Architecture and Implementation