Using GRC Technology to Provide Critical Information Vital to Decision Making and Compliance

GRC Consulting and Implementation

Organizations need information to make quality decisions in real time. We can help deploy governance, risk and compliance (GRC) technology to automate the management of your enterprise governance, risk and compliance programs making you more nimble in the face of change.

As part of the support and expertise Dscifer provides for your GRC automation effort, we help ensure the successful deployment and roll-out of your GRC technology. We help create a centralized repository of information that provides an enterprise view of risks and threats.

Our experts also identify areas for focus and improvement to mitigate risk throughout your enterprise. This centralized view supports timely decision-making informed by data from across your organization.

Our knowledge and hands-on experience with leading GRC automation platforms helps you achieve a rapid time-to-deployment with early wins to deepen project support across your organization.

  • Deploy GRC technology more efficiently
  • Gain support for early deployment wins as well as programmatic development of your long-term GRC road map
  • Map your GRC automation effort to your organization's business needs
  • Quickly benchmark your current GRC program maturity

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Our experts efficiently and successfully deploy GRC technologies from leading partners to clients of all sizes


Dscifers hands-on knowledge and expertise means you can leverage key practices from leading organizations to optimize and tune your GRC effort.


By partnering with a GRC leader that focuses on your early wins and long term operation, you can help ensure project success

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Dscifer partners with these leading GRC technologies.

  • GRC Roadmap Development
  • GRC Deployment
  • GRC Integration
  • Custom Consulting
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