We Uncover Vulnerabilities and Highlight Actions that help you make informed decisions

Attack & Penetration Testing

A mature, proactive approach to securing enterprise assets exposes weaknesses in systems and identifies paths vulnerable to exploitation – before a malicious actor does. Dscifer has helped thousands of organizations uncover hidden vulnerabilities in their people, process and technology. Our proven methodology provides actionable steps for better securing your systems.

Engaging with our team will uncover vulnerabilities and highlight actions that help you make informed decisions to reduce risk across your business. We also assist clients with achieving or maintaining compliance by meeting testing requirements in standards such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Whether you require white, grey or black box services, we can assist you. The thought of an attack can be daunting.

We give you less to worry about the following:

  • Identify weakness in your technologies, processes and people
  • Reduce risk and meet compliance requirements
  • Remediate vulnerabilities and minimize the attack surface

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By emulating your adversary, we help to uncover critical exploitable vulnerabilities and provide detailed guidance for remediation.


We reveal access points to your critical systems and help you close pathways of attack. .


Our disciplined approach helps you address vulnerabilities and leaves you with a smaller attack surface.

Our Services

Vulnerability Discovery

Identify, quantify and rank vulnerabilities in your systems. Using tools, we find weaknesses, evaluate their severity and recommend mitigation steps.

  • Public Information Profile Detection
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Rapid Response Zero Day Vulnerability Detection

Security Controls Assessment

Evaluate your enterprise security effort at a technical and program level. We examine and assess various controls, technologies and procedures to identify points of failure.

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Social Engineering Assessment
  • Wireless Security Assessment
  • Voice Over IP Assessment
  • War Dialing Assessment

Risk Validation

Understand, quantify and document the real-world risk of an attack scenario. We conduct penetration testing on a variety of systems from various perspectives to help you understand your true risk.

  • Targeted Penetration Test
  • Comprehensive Penetration Test
  • Physical Security Penetration Test
  • Product Penetration Test

Breach Simulation

Simulating an attacker’s actions, our team will use subterfuge and distraction while identifying points of weakness, exploit your critical systems, exfiltrate data and create a series of events that mimic an actual breach.

  • Remote Breach Simulation
  • On-Site Breach Simulation